Friday, September 16, 2005

As always, Israeli courts uphold International law, even when International courts bow to antisemitism.
High Court: Construction of W. Bank fence is legal

By Yuval Yoaz
September 15, 2005

The High Court of Justice on Thursday unanimously upheld a petition submitted by Palestinian residents of several West Bank villages and ruled that the state must reconsider within a reasonable timeframe an alternative route for the separation fence in the area of the northern West Bank settlement of Alfei Menashe.

The panel nevertheless rejected a July 2004 ruling by the International Court of Justice in the Hague and ruled that Israel had the authority in principle to build a separation fence in the West Bank, beyond the Green Line, for security reasons.

To view a summary of the High Court's ruling go here:


Blogger مصرى أوى said...

Very biased! Muslims do not have a problem with Jews. They have a probem with Israelis who occupied a Palestinian
Land based on historical nonsense. I hate Hitler for what he has done to Jews and other human beings as well as I hate Israelis for what they are doing to Palestinians...

6:14 PM, September 23, 2005  
Blogger Ibrahamav said...

I wish your comment were believable. But the sermons in the mosques, the editorials in the Islamic government papers, the lessons taught in the school all preach antisemitism.

5:33 AM, September 26, 2005  
Blogger Oscar said...

antisemitism to Av means ccriticism of Israel such as this (I must now be an anti-semite!):
Saying yes to the wall means
1 stealing land
2 collective punishment
3 Connecting settlements
4 did i mention stealing land?

ALL of these are barred under international law. It took the Israeli courts 20 years to bar the use of human shields you fool.

4:54 PM, October 13, 2005  
Blogger Oscar said...

...and the army is challenging that.

4:56 PM, October 13, 2005  
Blogger Ibrahamav said...

Oscar, don't you know that only antisemities believe that anyone believes that criticism of Israel is automatically antisemitism.

But you are an antisemite. Criticizing China doesn't change the fact that you're an antisemite.

9:43 PM, October 15, 2005  

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