Saturday, February 03, 2007

Umakill and Mary Rizzo fear the backlash of Atzmon's frivolous lawsuit!

This is from Tony Greenstein, who is part of the Alliance for Green Socialism. (H)e has a record as a campaigner on a range of issues including support for Palestine as well as opposition to anti-semitism.

The socialist unity site contains a statement from Tony about how Sue Blackwell is being sued by Gilad Atzmon. Please read this and support Sue and educate your selves about the issue of 'left' anti-semitism ((H)olocaust denial and nasty conspiracy orientated attacks linked to race).

Any way on to the statement from Tony..."Many people will be aware of who Gilad Atzmon is. An ex-Israeli jazz player and anti-Semite who has become a Christian fundamentalist. Sue Blackwell is the Birmingham University lecturer who (unfortunately) successfully moved a motion at the Association of University Teachers 2005 Conference supporting a boycott of Israel. (Fortunately) She has a 'Nazi Alert' webpage which features Atzmon and it is this he has taken exception to.

Although Sue has not called Atzmon a neo-nazi or a Holocaust Denier, there is no doubt that when not consorting with the SWP he enjoys the convivial company of a variety of anti-Semitic fruitcakes such as Israel Shamir and Paul Eisen. His own website is replete with Jewish conspiracy articles. Atzmon has hired lawyers who have sent a letter threatening Sue with defamation proceedings. "

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