Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mary Rizzo's latest piece of claptrap.

Since I forced Mary to get rid of her comments section, she has gotten a little bit crazier and a lot more desperate. Of course, it could be that Hamas's tendency towards cannibalism has caused her to snap.

Diego Travisty - 2007: The Year of the Ass

Translated from Italian by Mary Rizzo

: rather than a “national homeland”, 1917 gave way, through diplomatic means, to a regional homeland that today seems like one of the most tormented on the planet; Would Mary have prefered an outright war to decide? Diplomacy sucks if you don't get 100% of what you want?

in 1947 there was the ratification of an absurd imperialist decision to divide a territory exactly with the same gluttony, insensitivity and arrogance that was used every time that Europe was redesigned after very bellicose or political upheaval (Metternich and the Vienna Congress, the Paris Conference, etc.) in which the resident population had absolutely no say in the matter; It appears that the Arabs residing in the former Ottoman and now British territory refused to negotiate. They would have had a tremendous say if they would have only spoken.

The fact of the matter is that in Israel they have noticed that after forty years of illegal occupation, privation and provocation, of injustice of every imaginable sort, the Palestinian people are still there, ready to express their dignity to exist yet again.
Funny how Mary is incapable of noticing that the fact of the existence of a Palestinian people on the land proves that the above statement is just another series of antisemitic lies.

In Israel they have noticed that there is a necessity for a strong political instability that will allow the continuation of the Zionist project (that, we must remember, foresees as a minimum requirement a single and homogenous – viable – territorial entity that is destined for Jews that extends from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, leaving aside the even more ambitious dreams of Jabotinsky and his followers that aspired to the conquest of the ENTIRETY of Palestine, that is, even those parts of land that the English destined to the Hashemites,

Did I just read this? Mary states that the British giving 75% of historic Palestine to the Arab King of the latter Saudi Arabia, who had absolutely no ties to Palestinian territory, was okay with her? Must be because that King wasn't Jewish. I don't remember the election in which the Arabs okay'd that deal.

If it is true that before 1948 the Zionists didn’t engage in outright theft, since they bought property from Arab absentee landlords and there they built their various Kibbutz, it is also undeniable that the portion of land inhabited by the Jewish community was little to nothing in comparison to the overwhelming Arab majority, certainly not enough to allow them to claim any kind of national sovereignty.

If it is true? The historical record does not convince Mary that it is true? What about the laws forbidding selling land to Jews? Forget about that? Or that the majority of the land was State owned, thus meaningless as far as private arab land was concerned. And that the vast majority of Arab land was owned by non-Palestinians. And what does land ownership have to do with the claim of national sovereignty? Has there a law that states that a people deprived of the ability to own land are not allowed to claim national sovereignty?

Then, as a matter of coincidence, the “war of liberation” broke out, as the Zionists call it Actually it is called the War of Independance. What is it about the truth that pisses Mary off so much? , and they are right about that: because, actually they did “liberate” large areas inhabited by Arabs, “cleansing” them of their Palestinian population. Actually, the 5th columnists were expelled.

All of this is the contrary of a irredentist war, one that usually breaks out to reclaim a land that is inhabited by a majority of a given ethnic community in order to liberate it from those who they consider to be invaders who have no cultural and historical relationships with it.

Curiously, the Zionists had planned it all out rather well; beforehand they “evacuate” a hostile population and after, with the wave of a magic wand, they affirm, “See? Now we are the majority. Give us a State, please…” But we had the state. It was affirmed in 1947, by the world which included the arab states, that we would have it in 1948.

If that’s not sacking, I don’t know what is…Ignorance was always Mary's strong suit. It is countless the number of times Mary has claimed ignorance when the truth has been shoved up her ass.

Further, that supposed Supposed? Jewish “people”, seeing that it had been so kindly donated a State, does not present all of the characteristics that constitute the primary condition for the demand of self-determination: language, customs, local traditions, culture connected to a specific territory (unless one insists upon stubbornly closing his eyes and claiming that a Yemenite Jew has much in common with a German or Lithuanian one). We’ve heard a lot about Jewish rights to a land based on presumed Presumed? past connections dating as far back as 2 or even 3 thousand years. This is something that should make anyone having good sense see how illogical it is.

It would be like, for instance, tomorrow we Italians wanting to newly conquer Istanbul because it was an antique Roman territory Mary seems to now admit that her people, the Italians, murdered the christian diety. Previously she stated that the Italians were not Romans. and we decided to even take the name Constantinople out of its dusty chest. How silly and irrational that demand sounds as long as it takes precedence over the objective and evident historical situation. In the case of Israel, going against what the Palestinians (Jews, Christians or Muslims that they might have been… ah, yes, many even can’t think that a Palestinian could have been Jewish!! How sad that Mary contorts the truth, even refusing to admit that the original Palestinians were Jews and that until 1948, if anyone thought of a Palestinian, it was a Jewish Palestinian.) have been living for centuries.


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Hey Av commenting back online at no peace in palestine.

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Thank you for the info

8:48 AM, September 22, 2007  
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Like most antisemitic cowards, she quickly went back to the nazi practice of censoring the speech that exposes her.

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