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Tony Greenstein proves Mary Rizzo is an antisemite.
As usual, Mary Rizzo has no explanation.

Indymedia Capitulates To The Anti-Semites And Holocaust Deniers
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Guest Post by Tony Greenstein
Maybe it was a mistake to expect anymore of them, but Indymedia does describe itself as a ‘network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues.’Its Guidelines state, under Discrimination that:
posts using language, imagery, or other forms of communication promoting racism, fascism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination may be hidden.
This guideline however has been completely ignored. It is inoperative. Some people, not myself, had high hopes that the two day meeting in Nottingham on 9-10 January 2008 would resolve these problems. Instead it led to the resignation of at least one more member and the entrenchment of the supporters of anti-Semitism and holocaust denial in the collective, led by ftp and jackslucid.
Most people know the story. Gilad Atzmon, a racist ex-Israeli has been allowed to post freely to Indymedia articles justifying the holocaust Say no to the Hunters of Goliath and legitimising revisionist historians Esther to Aipac. Those who have sought to respond to these articles have had their replies hidden by ftp with the acquiescence or worse of the collective.
Instead the IM Collective has adopted a new category. Articles which some want to hide and some want to display openly are now ‘disputed’. On the night of 10th January the Hunters article was declared disputed and then readmitted and then disputed, with red slabs ‘disputed’ all over it. By the morning these had changed to feint pink! By the time this article had been written all that was left was a message saying the article was disputed but otherwise it could be read as if it were any normal article on IM.
What is particularly outrageous is that the IM Collective decided to ban Tony Greenstein from posting, for being honest with the hapless mods., but when it came to Gilad Atzmon a ‘block’ was put on such a proposal by our old friend Free the Peeps (Roy Bard). In other words regardless of whether there is or is not a majority the proposal didn’t go through. Result? The person who complained about anti-Semitism is banned and the anti-Semite is allowed to continue posting. And these people want us to believe they take racism serious?
And if to emphasise that the complainant was the problem the following was put in extra big letters!
Agree that what Greenstein has done and his campaign has been disruptive. All agreed this was the case. This is not a personal problem, it is a political problem. Responsibility of the collective to discuss this.
And who are the people that IM are defending? The minutes, which hide more than they reveal, apart from an inability to spell, contain a couple of sentences which sum up the problem:
‘There was a discussion about the anti-Semitism issue and indymedia’s definitions about what constitutes anti-Semitism.Concern that this is a prelude to an increasing climate of hiding Palestinian articles or criticisms of Israel.’
And therein lies the rub. Zionists have for so long attacked supporters of the Palestinians and anti-Zionists as anti-Semitic, that now that the real anti-Semites are coming out of the woodwork, the IM Collective, and to be fair not only them, have difficulty in telling the difference between the genuine article and the person that the Zionists have defamed. It is the problem of crying wolf. But although the IM collective has little in the way of political theory or ideology, it isn’t that difficult telling the difference between a false accusation of anti-Semitism and the real thing.
Let us take the petition in support of Mary Rizzo and Gilad Atzmon which has even been hidden by Atzmon’s servile dogsbody, ftp:
Mary Rizzo, the editor of the anti-Semitic ‘peacepalestine’ blog posted the following comments on the Socialist Unity site vouching for the bonafides of one of the signatories to the above petition – The Radical Press:
‘The Radical Press presents thought-provoking and intelligent information and analysis. It is absolutely NOT anti-Semitic, but many who might not agree with its harsh critique on Israel might try to label it as such, so that people will create confusion between the two, and things never change.I hope you realise that it is a valuable resource, and any campaigning made to insinuate that it is a racist site is not at all accurate.Mary Rizzo
And indeed it is a valuable resource, albeit not for the reasons that Rizzo gives. It is valuable because it is instructive in the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. And if anyone believes otherwise then they are welcome to dip their toe in its poisoned waters.
But what are the ‘thought-provoking and intelligent information and analysis’ that so impresses Mary Rizzo, who is not a woman to be easily impressed (except when it’s Atzmon who’s doing the talking)?
Well There are articles on the:Jewish Banking Cartel (82) Jewish Holocaust Industry (77) Jewish Lobby (112) Jewish Media Monopoly (105) Jewish Porn Industry (50) Jews (148) Jews Behind Bolshevik Revolution
There is a delightful article by Brother Daniel on the same site. Entitled (what else?)
AMERICA IS RUN BY JEWSBy Brother Nathanael KapnerBrother Nathanael bronathanael@yahoo.comAMERICA IS NOW A JEW-RUN NATION. Here is a list of the prominent Jews who run America: [I wont bore you with the list]Elsewhere we learn that ‘Judaism is a “chameleon” culture/religion. It “becomes” whatever is necessary in order to deceive and trick non-Jews’
Or take for example: the following:
This unsung swan song slaughter of our beautiful white people, sadly at the behest of many white women who choose to abort their babies, seems to be an unremarkable fact that hardly makes a ripple in the Jewish media, except when they are portraying pro-life activists, many of them Christians, as rabid, back-scratching Luddites, poised to pose theocracy and a Christianized style of Sharia law on the rest of us.But everything related to the abortion racket reeks of Big Jewry, from the way the debate is framed (always hopelessly one-sided and favorable to the pro-aborts) to the effortless precision with which the abortionists continue to reap big profits with a “hands-off” approach from the usually vigilant and overzealous governmental regulators, who issue nothing but “red tape” to other industries, but leave abortion clinics unmolested.If Jews rarely fight in America’s wars (deferments) many of them can be counted on to be the top generals in America’s other killing fields, our abortuaries, where white children are killed off and their organs often harvested and sold for easy cash and profit,‘Jewishness of the homosexual mafia that has mainstreamed perversion and has inundated our schoolchildren with falsehoods about the joys of sodomy and anonymous sexual encounters. The sad reality is, many people are woefully unaware of just how radical and well-organized the sodomite lobby has grown. They have infiltrated our schools, they have edged their proselytizing propaganda into curriculum geared toward kids, beginning at the kindergarten level and continuing all the way through high school, just to make sure that the brainwashing sticks in their minds permanently. This is no accident.…The recruitment and sloganeering work done so assiduously by homosexual snake oil salesmen and women in our government-run socialist perversion mills has paid off with big dividends as polls have shown. Most teens in America have a far more favorable view of homosexuals than their parents or grandparents ever did. But this is the Jewish way. Brainwash, propagandize and then recruit, recruit, recruit like hell! But as Jewish homosexual organizations try to indoctrinate sexually confused young people into the gay death style there seems to be more at work here than simple “tolerance” or “diversity” issues. This is an effort to tear asunder the notion of “traditional family” that has been the bedrock of Western survival. Though not all homosexual enthusiasts are Jewish, their leaders surely are.
One wonders whether the IM collective would recognise the above as anti-Semitic, homophobic and sexist? Chances are that ftp and the useful idiots who support him would no doubt think that it was just a case of exuberant anti-Zionism. One wonders whether the women (are there any women left?) on the collective recognise that a statement such as ‘Abortion is a modern and grisly Jewish death trade’ could come straight from Streicher’s Der Stuermer?
These are the sick people that the IM Collective have hitched their wagon to. Instead of junking FTP, Phunkee and Jackslucid they have instead decided to give a free pass to genuine fascists and anti-Semites.
Yes, after months of battling to get the Indymedia collective to bar holocaust deniers and anti-Semites from posting articles, we have a situation now, after their meeting at the weekend, whereby anti-Semites are welcome and their opponents are banned!
Below are 2 articles here and here which result from the fallout from the meeting in Nottingham at the weekend. Naturally they are hidden,The Indymedia fellow-travellers with racism and anti-Semitism are incapable of telling the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Some of them think they are doing Palestinians a favour by publishing this sort of garbage.There is nothing the Zionists love better than to demonstrate that supporters of the Palestinians are anti-Semitic. Indymedia UK has now done all it could to prove them right.

Tony Greenstein


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