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Umkahlil's comment's before she censors them

I knew it wouldn't take long... read the Talkbacks where some say, "he never should have been raised in a culture of violence". "The parents have donated his organs to Israelis as a PR movej", etc.

I certainly never would have had the desire to donate my child's organs to the Israelis. And, I didn't have Israelis kill my child. I still can't understand the enormous act of humanity that this family is doing after such an outrageous tragedy. I can't understand it, but I am almost in tears trying to. God bless them and God bless and protect the children and adults of Palestine.
thecutter | Homepage | 11.06.05 - 4:51 pm | #


Seems Mary can't release her racism. Too bad. She can't understand the humanity because she is divorced from humanity.

Tell me Nancy, how did they transplant a heart that was shot through?

Funny how Mary only wants God to protect Palestinians. What a god-awful racist. Hope Allah doesn't hear about it.

By the way Nancy, when are you going to apologize for publishing posts without fact checking first?
Ibraham Av | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 10:48 am | #


What the hell difference does it make? He was shot with the intention on the part of the soldier to kill. This from Juliano Mer Khamis, whose mother is Jewish and whose father is Palestinian. Julio visited the lad in the hospital.

The first IDF bullet hit his hip. The second IDF bullet hit his head. It, certainly, does not look like a mistake. The bullet was aimed to kill Ahmad.

Read more, Ibraham, and stop your incessant Zionist nitpicking over the remains of a dead baby. Read more and find your humanity that you never had or was lost. juli...no11052005.html
Harvey Epstein | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 11:37 am | #


IbrahAm, How in the world is it racist to say that I would never, ever have the depth of character that the family of this child demonstrated by actually donating their child to five Israeli people, when it was not that the child died in an accident, but was killed, (probably on purpose, judging by Mer Khamis's report and others I have read) by Israelis. I imagine anyway they would have been non-observant, because having the parts of a non-Jew inside them might even be against their faith.

I also heard a bunch of crap yesterday... people were saying, "oh, when Jews die in suicide bombings they donate their organs to Palestinians". say WHAT??? If there are specialists who go through great lengths to gather every single hair or fingernail that may be around because bodily integrity is an important principle in Judaism.

I am saying this also after having spoken with a scholar in material.
thecutter | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 12:14 pm | #


What the hell difference does it make? He was shot with the intention on the part of the soldier to kill. - Harvey Epstein.

Now here is why - The soldiers thought they saw an armed man some 130 meters away, and one of them fired, hitting the suspect in the head. When the soldiers approached, they found Ahmed laying critically injured - with a toy gun. The IDF subsequently circulated photos of the gun to show how realistic it looked.

But in Harvey's antisemitic tradition, a Jew has to wait to be shot deasd before they can fire.
Ibraham Av | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 1:18 pm | #


Cutter - You are a racist but that was not the comment regarding your lack of humanity.

The child was not killed on purpose, the person who appeared from 400 feet away carrying a rifle was killed on purpose. That it turned out to be a child carrying a toy rifle makes it a tragic accident, but not a child deliberately killed. This is where your basic lack of humanity comes in.

Most Jews who die in suicide bombings are to far gone to have anything available for transplant. And transplanting organs is supported by Rabbinic law.

Your assumption regarding transplants is offensively racist. But since you are a racist, I'm sure it didn't bother you.
Ibraham Av | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 1:25 pm | #


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