Sunday, February 04, 2007


Before Mary censors her own conversation:
So Mary gets outed and throws a hissy fit.It is no wonder that Mary is a joke in antisemitic circles.Ibraham Av Homepage 02.04.07 - 1:38 pm #

I got ousted from "what"? Iby? I can't believe you are so taken with me and obsessed with me, that you google me ten times a day and have created an entire myth of me. Too bad you leave out the parts where I combatted against racists and Nazis. Because it just shows that you have never done anything for anyone on this planet that was not directed solely by your own racism and hatred of Arabs and Palestinians.thecutter Homepage 02.04.07 - 1:48 pm #

Outed Mary, outed. You were outed as an antisemite and as a supporter of Islamic fascism.And you can't stand the fact that the entire liberal faction of the Palestinian freedom front considers you to be an ally of neo-nazis. And no one but Rowan has come to your defense.So sad. Once a hero, now a zero.Ibraham Av Homepage 02.04.07 - 2:30 pm #

By the way, I don't believe that I ever 'googled' Mary's name. Isn't her blog enough self condemnation?


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