Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another Umkahlil lie backed by a nazi's (joe90) math
IOF Shoots Another Child, Son, Brother, Friend
The Purity of Violence -

From your previous article Umkalil -

" In Israel, they shoot kids with impunity. Upwards of seven hundred Palestinian kids have been murdered by the "purity of arms" Israeli occupation forces since end of September 2000. Al-Jazeera reports that according to Palestine Red Crescent Society figures, 682 Palestinian children under the age of 18 have died during the second intifada (uprising) between 29 September 2000 and 29 September 2005. Of those, 158 were under 12-years old."

According to my arithmetic, that is nearly two children murdered a day, every day for 5 years, by the SS-IOF -(over 11 children per week if you prefer)

And overall, 200 casualties per week (nearly 70 casualties a day, every day) caused by SS-IOF violence, over the last 5 years.

Naturally, these figures do not included IOF induced abortions and the deaths of pregnant mothers caused by illegal Israeli checkpoints, barricades, blockades, illegal walls etc - or death and injury, disease, stunted mental and bodily development etc etc all caused by the deliberate and systematic vandalism carried out by the Israeli Neo-Nazi Authorities on their defenceless occupied Palestinian Untermensch.
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2 children a day for 5 years makes 3500 children. That may well be the number that Palestinian terrorists have attempted to kill but have been thwarted by the IDF.

And there are no acttual cases of children murdered by the IDF, while there are several cases of Palestinians deliberately murdering Jewish children.

You'll recall the palestinians who murdered the 4 little girls at point blank range? Did they kill their mother before or after to maximize the suffering.

Sharpen up your math skills Joe. Or didn't you take simple math in Nazi High?
Ibraham Av


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cutter, no it doesn't say. And I'm certainly not using a christian or Islamic translation. It appears you are using a christian translation. To forshadow christ, it is important that their translation subtly shifts the actual hebrew wording. Maiden becomes virgin, that sort of thing.

Funny how you haven't identified any of the sites you used? Could they be antisemitic and deliberately distorted the text? What are you afraid of, joe90's maniacal wrath?

5:29 AM, November 21, 2005  

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