Saturday, January 07, 2006

: "Action Alert: Letter or Email to Kristin Halvorsen
(thanks to Marlene)

Please take a few moments to send a letter to Kristin Halvorsen, the Norwegian Finance Minister, who apparently has searched deeply in her heart and realized how inherently wrong it is to boycott Israeli producs. She is now apologizing for asking Norweigian citizens to boycott Israeli producs. You can send your support to her via email, or please use the Comments form that I left below, or use both. I'm leaving the article as published in Ha'aretz today regarding her decision to 'apologize.' Please distribute widely.

Ministry of Finance
The Norwegian Ministry of Finance
P.O.Box 8008 Dep, NO-0030 Oslo, Norway
Visiting address: Akersgata 40, 0180 Oslo


My letter:

Dear Minister Halvorsen,

When I learned that Norwegians were supporting the boycott of Israel, I immediately sent a message to a dear Norwegian friend condemning Norway's action. It was a moment of terror, that Norway was going back to it's Quisling regime.

It is my fervent hope that your apology will help heal the rest of Europe from its emerging antisemitism, spurred by the ever increasing migration of Arab Islamic workers escaping their failed regimes. Adults should not abdicate their responsibility to ensure justice.

What is left to the Israelis, Ms. Halvorsen? Just the other day, Israeli citizens were subjected to random missle fire from the Palestinian state of Gaza. The Israli people have a right to peace and security, just as the Norwegian people are.

Sincerely yours,

Ibraham Av
Citizen of the World


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