Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jeff Blankfort admits that the International (Palestinian) Solidarity Movement is a failure!!!

In a message dated 01/01/06 00:04:06 GMT Standard Time, writes:
Dear Mary,

... it is clear that the Palestine solidarity movement as a whole has been an utter failure in the US, not only because of the economic, political power and sophistication of the Zionists who have infiltrated it, but because (1) it has tended to line up with US-based ideological groups whose own record is one of failure and allowed those groups to dictate their equally failed political line (e.g., to place the entire blame for Israel's actions on US imperialism ...; (2) it has from time to time been immobilized by political differences among contending groups in the occupied territories or, in some instances, Syria, ...

Why has there never been a campaign launched to stop aid to Israel by the movement? Why no opposition to the $19 billion in loan guarantees? Why have small protests against AIPAC just started taking place in the last two years? Why did the diaspora movement collapse when the first intifada began? Why has there been no diaspora campaign to free Marwan Barghouti?

You want to know why, Jeff? Because the majority of Americans find your stance to be morally repugnant.


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