Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Self-hating jew, "Desert Peace", wishes to encourage more violence at the Tomb of Abraham.

: "Adding insult to injury..like it's not bad enough that Palestinians living abroad do not have a RIGHT OF RETURN to their homeland (What is this schmuck talking about? Since when are the palestinians refused the right to go to Jordan, the Palestinian state?), now those that are living here do not have the right to pray in one of their holiest shrines. In the city of Hebron, a Palestinian city occupied by Israeli forces, is the burial place of Abraham and His wife Sarah.The compound is divided into both a mosque and a synagogue for both the Jews and Muslims to pray without causing interruptions to each other.

Israel/Palestine is in a unique situation this month (Hardly unique, Muslim holy days are strictly by the moon (That is why they worship a moon god) so many Islamic religious days fall during Jewish holy days); both the Jews and the Muslims are celebrating their Holy Days. This week the Jews are celebrating the Feast of Succot while the Muslims continue to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan. Both require access to Holy places during these days (Exactly why do Muslims require to be at the Tomb of Abraham during that time? No one has any idea but that doesn't stop Desert Schmuck)... but in the 'wisdom' of the occupying forces of Israel... they must not share space or pray together. Therefore, the Muslims can stay at home while he Jews pray without interruptions.

So, a Holy site in Hebron, in Palestine is off limits to Muslims. In other words, not only are Palestinians and Israelis separated by a wall of apartheid (Back to apartheid again. repeating the same lie 5000 times does not make it true), now Jews and Muslims are separated within the boundries of the wall itself.

Can you imagine the scenario in New York City if St. Patrick's Cathedral was closed last Sunday because it might disturb Jews on their way to prayers on Yom Kippur? Can you (And the last time a catholic commited suicide to kill Jews???)???

No other people would take the crap that the Palestinians are taking... no one!" Poor little palestinian people. Let's all pity them, and pity Desert Schmuck.

Here is the profile of Desert Schmuck - (Fake) Active Peace/Civil Rights Worker.. Aiming to establish a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine (actually, he is aiming for the destruction of the Jewish people), while at the same time continue the struggle against racism and for peace throughout the world (Except Palestinian racism). Email me at.. manopeace@gmail.com


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