Monday, February 05, 2007


Another Incredible exchange from a Mary Rizzo favored poster:

Yassir Arik, You just admitted that certain roads are prohbited to Palestinian automobiles.

And the point about jews permitting Palestinians into their cars is moot, since in poll after poll, two thirds of jews would not even live next door to a Palestinian.

kassandra 02.05.07 - 11:41 pm #

Admitted that certain roads are forbidden to palestinians because of their penchant for ambush?

As that wasn't what was asked, why do you declare it an admission? It is a well known fact. Don't you read?

But there are no roads on which you must be Jewish to drive. Your antisemitism has clouded your feeble minds.

As for 66% of Jews not wanting to live next door to a Palestinian, what do you expect since over 60% of palestinians fully support suicide bombers killing Jews.

Surely some in your family are not retarded. Perhaps you can get them to post for you?

Ibraham Av


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