Friday, April 07, 2006

Umkahlil's favorite Nazis gang up on Joe90
Why Mary's hate-mongers will never win

you haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about -

How many artefacts do you think are on display in the British Museum, the Premier Museum for Antiquities bar nobody, are labelled "stolen from..' - they're all stolen - looted by the Britsh Empire -

The British Museum, the pinnacle of world culture (apparantly), is nothing but the war trophy room of the British Ruling Class and its offspring, The British Empire -

- I have already said this in as many words -

You have no idea what you're talking about -

How does one distinguish a 'Jewish' from a 'Palestinian' object or any of the myriad of cultures that have moved through the Levant in their time, whether through simple adoption of changing fashions or whole distinctive peoples on the go ? - I couldn't and I doubt anyone else could -
- what about a 'Palestinian' object used by 'Jewish' people - what nationality is that object ?

and I pointed out as much about an archaeologial dig that aims to excavate down to 'Jewish' levels, which is completely impossible thing to do, given current scholarly knowledge and know-how - but obviously you have no idea about about archaeological principles either

As for that blather about UNESCO, notice the dates you quote - most are very recent - unfortunately the deliberate demolition of the 450 Palestinian 'settlememts' was decades ago and can't be undone, as far as restoration and conservation is concerned, even with the best will in the world - and even if these guidelines had've been in place at the time, I can see them having no effect whatsoever on Israel ethnic cleansing, because they are two different matters entirely and ethnic cleansing has exactly bog all to do with cultural management -

And despite my many postings, interventions and musings on the great thecutters blog, I am accused of justifying Israeli ethnic cleansing

- how pathetic, coming from someone who is, like berkeley who has long since stopped saying anything that makes sense in this discussion (not that he ever did), well out of their depth and has no idea about the topic in hand -
joe90 | Homepage | 04.07.06 - 8:38 pm | #


"who has long since stopped saying anything that makes sense in this discussion (not that he ever did)"

-- when you change your mind about what you have just typed, as in this example, then, in future, I suggest you remember - the DELETE button is your friend ...,
Rowan Berkeley | 04.07.06 - 8:50 pm | #


Joe, I've noticed this about you before. Is there a drinking problem?
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