Monday, July 02, 2007

Mary Rizzo outs herself as a racist and hate monger!
Will wonders never cease?

Mary Rizzo posted two comments on her antisemitic blog which reveal how brainwashed she is and shows her desire to lie to make things worse for the Jews in the Middle east. Here's #1:

MJ, you have to also realise that Isaelis are taught - yes, TAUGHT, that Palestinians are terrorists and animals by nature. It's not the odd Av or Israelite here, they feel that an Arab presence is a life threat, and needs to be treated with brutality. Things are only slightly better for Palestinians living in Israel, where they are humans, but second class citizens.
thecutter Homepage 07.02.07 - 8:13 am #

And here is #2:

When Av says, "Arabs have the right to die", he talks like a proper Nazi. And, this is what people are taught... that it is NORMAL for Palestinians to be considered subhuman, hated for existing, and being worthy of nothing but death. Why am I lying when this is the message that gets out? It is the unfortunate truth, supporters of Israel and Israelis are taught to hate Arabs and Muslims and Palestinians.thecutter Homepage 07.02.07 - 1:58 pm #

Mary fails to realize that the right to death is the only God-given right. We Jews have the right to citizenship in Israel only because the Israelis guarantee such. As the UN has no intention of guarenteeing any of their edicts, none of them are rights.