Sunday, June 11, 2006

Incredible admission of Antisemitism by Jeff Blankfort

The words in parenthesis are Blankfort's.
Independent and FT: Interview with Olmert

Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 17:03:26 -0700 From: Jeff Blankfort

This is a long interview between reporters of the Independent and the Financial Times and Ehud Olmert. It's long and at times (many, in fact) difficult to stomach so I have just sent a link and these three excerpts.

"American banks are not prepared to make any transfers or any legal transfers or any financial transfers through their banks and they will not cooperate with any bank that makes such transfers into what may turn out to be terrorist hands. And who am I to complain to the American banks?" [Who controls American banks, anyway? LOL]
Mary tries to evade antisemitism charges with joke chat lines.
peacepalestine: "new feature on peacepalestine... Gabbly Chat
You thought you could never again speak (antisemitic and terrorist supporting statements) your mind here on good old peacepalestine? Well, I deleted the comments feature, only because of due to a heavily increased workload, I could barely come in to check it out and delete the offensive comments (comments proving Mary is in favor of suicide attacks). Yes, a blog like this "

It seems that the comments stay up for a few lines and then it's gone.
Umakill blows her wad by lying about Israeli schools
umkahlil: "Today in Israel, school curricula are dominated by the Talmud, especially a specific Talmudic text called Shulhan Aruch."

What is she ging to write about when she finds out that the missle that killed the palestinians on the beach, was a palestinian missle?