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More on Durban, proving Our Bavarian Nazi Karin is an antisemite.

Dateline Durban:
Anti-Jewish, Anti-Israel Language Prompts U.S. and Israel to Leave U.N. Conference

U.S., Israel Walk out of U.N. Conference

Jewish Caucus Walks Out of NGO Forum

Human Rights Community Criticizes NGO Process, Language on Jewish Issues

Civil Rights Community Expresses Support
September 4, 2001, Durban —
U.S., Israel Walk out of U.N. Conference
After four days of deadlocked negotiations, the US and Israel made a decision that efforts to negotiate a compromise on anti-Jewish and anti-Israel language in the Conference Draft declaration had hit a wall.

Neutral language drafted by the government of Norway garnered some support by delegates, but after Syrian, Iranian, Palestinian and other delegations continued to demand new anti-Israel language and sought to remove language on anti-Semitism, it became clear that diplomatic efforts were going nowhere.
In announcing Israel's decision to pull out of the conference in Durban, Israeli ambassador Mordechai Yedid delivered a statement on behalf of Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Melchoir.

The Israeli delegation said that the continuing efforts to use the U.N. conference as a forum to unfairly criticize Israel made its participation impossible. "Can there be a greater irony than the fact that a conference convened to combat the scourge of racism should give rise to the most racist declaration in a major international organization since the Second World War?" said the statement.

Following the Israeli and American pullout, the Jewish Caucus in Durban formally withdrew from the conference. ADL has maintained one representative on the ground to monitor developments through the conclusion of the conference. Jewish Caucus Walks Out of NGO Forum

At the concluding plenary of the NGO Forum, a key paragraph on anti-Semitism was stripped from the document by a unanimous vote. The ADL delegation led Jewish delegates in a chant of "shame, shame, shame" and the caucus walked out. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, called the accusations of Israel inappropriate but did not reject the document outright.

The paragraph removed by the vote, which prompted the walkout, was as follows:
We are concerned with the prevalence of anti-Zionism and attempts to delegitimize the State of Israel through wildly inaccurate charges of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and apartheid, as a virulent contemporary form of anti-Semitism leading to firebombing of synagogues, armed assaults against Jews, incitements to killing, and the murder of innocent Jews, for their support for the existence of the State of Israel, the assertion of the right to self determination of the Jewish people and the attempts, through the State of Israel, to preserve their cultural and religious identity.

Human Rights Community Criticizes NGO Process, Language on Jewish Issues
Representatives from human-rights organizations including the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch held a news conference criticizing the NGO conference process including the treatment of Jewish issues in the document. Unfortunately, these concerns were raised only two days after the conclusion of the NGO forum.
Civil Rights Community Expresses Support
A coalition of groups let by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the National Asian Pacific Legal Consortium plan a news conference on Wednesday to express outrage at the anti-Jewish language and the targeting of Jewish participants at the WCAR. At least one U.S. civil rights leader on the 8-member NGO drafting committee planned to resign over the inciteful and inappropriate language put forward by the forum.

Our Bavarian Nazi is now advocating a fool who helped lead the Durban HR conference to adopt an antisemitic hate filled slogan.

"MUNICH - AND A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING": "He attended the United Nations World Conference Against Racism in Durban (2001) as part of the Islamic Human Rights Commission delegation and helped the NGO conference adopt the historic declaration condemning Zionism as racism and Israel for genocide which resulted in a US/Israel walkout."

See below
Human Rights Watch (HRW) thinks the Human Rights Council's treatment of Israel, at its first session, its first special session, and every other session hereafter (since it created an Israeli agenda item for all future sessions) is besides the point, an irrelevant detail for U.S. participation.
Peggy Hicks refers to the Durban Racism Conference as having "nothing to do" with the Council. Perhaps she should read the resolution the Council adopted a month ago titled "The Intergovernmental Working Group on the Effective Implementation of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action."

And as for the role of HRW at Durban itself, I personally beseeched the group (as the representative of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists) to vote against the "Zionism is racism" NGO document. They refused. Only after the fact, faced with the specter of donor criticism, did HRW briefly get over its laryngitis.

The Council is now the playground of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and its allies in much of the developing world. It was plain when the Council was created without a single criterion for membership that actually required protecting human rights, plainer once the members were elected and abusers went right back on, and plainest after the shameful performance of the initial sessions.

To suggest the Council is set to adopt country-specific resolutions condemning human rights violations anywhere in the world, but for in Israel, is totally false. Given the membership and distribution of power, there is no possibility the Council will adopt a resolution naming and shaming Mugabe, Saudi princes, or Chinese despots. Nor is there a chance the Council will hold a special session on Sudan to condemn genocide or take serious action to stop it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Desert Schmuck again provides nonsense to support Islamic Fascism

Why did the Palestinians fail to establish an independent state before 1948, and what was the impact of that failure in the years that followed, down to the present? These questions are important, first, because Palestinian history must be properly understood if we are to comprehend the present, and because this history has significance in its own right.

In the West this is a hidden history (As in - Who Cares?), one that is obscured by the riveting and tragic narrative of modern Jewish history. In a sense, the history of the Palestinians has disappeared (Like it ever existed) under the powerful impact of the painful and amply recounted story of the catastrophic fate of the Jews of Europe in the 20th century. However, achieving any serious understanding of the Middle East conflict requires comprehension of Palestinian history in its own terms, which includes but cannot be subsumed by Jewish and Israeli history. (But there is no distinct palestinian history. There is just an overall Arab history in which the palestinian region had a small insignificant part)

This effort is important for another reason: namely, to ascribe agency to the Palestinians, to avoid seeing them either as no more than helpless victims of forces greater then themselves, or alternatively as driven solely by self-destructive tendencies and uncontrollable dissension.

By contrast, there is no established, authoritative Palestinian master narrative, although there is a popular Palestinian nationalist narrative that includes its share of myth. Some of the myths worth debunking in the Palestinian version of events include mistaken and simplistic ideas relating to the Zionist movement and Israel and their connections with the Western powers; the relation of Zionism to the course of modern Jewish history; notably a failure to understand the central place of the Holocaust in this history; and the reductionist view of Zionism as no more than a colonialist enterprise-it was both this and a national movement. Deconstructing such misconceived notions on both sides will be crucially important to an eventual reconciliation of the two peoples.

The Palestinian nationalist narrative is, in any case, virtually unknown outside the Arab world (and is contested by scholars and governments within it).

That is it in a nutshell. Nobody knows it and no authoritative Arab Palestinian source agrees with it.
In other words, the palestinian narrative is a fairy tale! And doesn't the truth piss off Desert Schmuck!
Self-hating jew, "Desert Peace", wishes to encourage more violence at the Tomb of Abraham.

: "Adding insult to it's not bad enough that Palestinians living abroad do not have a RIGHT OF RETURN to their homeland (What is this schmuck talking about? Since when are the palestinians refused the right to go to Jordan, the Palestinian state?), now those that are living here do not have the right to pray in one of their holiest shrines. In the city of Hebron, a Palestinian city occupied by Israeli forces, is the burial place of Abraham and His wife Sarah.The compound is divided into both a mosque and a synagogue for both the Jews and Muslims to pray without causing interruptions to each other.

Israel/Palestine is in a unique situation this month (Hardly unique, Muslim holy days are strictly by the moon (That is why they worship a moon god) so many Islamic religious days fall during Jewish holy days); both the Jews and the Muslims are celebrating their Holy Days. This week the Jews are celebrating the Feast of Succot while the Muslims continue to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan. Both require access to Holy places during these days (Exactly why do Muslims require to be at the Tomb of Abraham during that time? No one has any idea but that doesn't stop Desert Schmuck)... but in the 'wisdom' of the occupying forces of Israel... they must not share space or pray together. Therefore, the Muslims can stay at home while he Jews pray without interruptions.

So, a Holy site in Hebron, in Palestine is off limits to Muslims. In other words, not only are Palestinians and Israelis separated by a wall of apartheid (Back to apartheid again. repeating the same lie 5000 times does not make it true), now Jews and Muslims are separated within the boundries of the wall itself.

Can you imagine the scenario in New York City if St. Patrick's Cathedral was closed last Sunday because it might disturb Jews on their way to prayers on Yom Kippur? Can you (And the last time a catholic commited suicide to kill Jews???)???

No other people would take the crap that the Palestinians are taking... no one!" Poor little palestinian people. Let's all pity them, and pity Desert Schmuck.

Here is the profile of Desert Schmuck - (Fake) Active Peace/Civil Rights Worker.. Aiming to establish a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine (actually, he is aiming for the destruction of the Jewish people), while at the same time continue the struggle against racism and for peace throughout the world (Except Palestinian racism). Email me at..

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Palestinian Media Watch Counter Watch:
Umakill states that deliberately killing children is okay as long as your child was killed first.
This demented woman is now on record as inferring that it is permissible to target children. Sick, sick, sick.

umkahlil: 'The fact is that while it was true that in the previous six months not a single Israeli child had been killed by Palestinians, during this period Israelis had killed 75 Palestinian young people, including an 8-month-old and several three-year-olds.'"