Friday, November 17, 2006

Desert Schmuck and Mary Rizzo voice their support of the Palestinian dream of genocide.peacepalestine: "We believe that full and unconditional support of the Palestinian people is a condition sine qua non for activists to adopt"

Full and unconditional? No matter how many crimes against humanity are commited? No matter how many other Palestinians are murdered by Hamas because they think they ratted them out? No matter how many genocidal crimnes are commited by palestinians in the name of Allah?

That is what "Full and unconditional" means. Mary and Deswertschmuck are endorsing the Palestinain dream of another Holocaust. Makes you sick, doesn't it?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Why does Desert Schmuck lie his ass off?
DesertPeace: "Who's a Jew?? Ask one that lives in New York, home to more Jews than the State of Israel itself...."

Actually, there are more Jews living in Israel than living in the United States. Believe it or not (And you can't believe Desert Schmuck) that means there are certainly more Jews in Israel than in the State of New York.
What Desert Schmuck didn't tell you!

DesertPeace: "To remember and keep alive the memory and suffering of the Jews, a huge complex was built in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem. Inside one can find the names of millions of victims whose lives were erased by the nazi beast. Names of cities, names of towns, names of people.
To remember such horrors is a way of also guaranteeing that they never occur again... anywhere to anyone.

I thought it appropriate to present here the names of the victims of the Beit Hanoun invasion and final massacre that took place last week.
Their memory is a blessing as well and must not be forgotten... nor must we forget the circumstances under which thir lives were snuffed out by the zionist beast."

Oh Yeh? Tell me, Who were the Doctors, Nurses, and other medical people massacred by the Palestinians while they were on the way to Jerusalem to provide humanitarian medical care?

Where is your memorial to them, Schmuck?
Desert Schmuck fails to acknowledge the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

DesertPeace: "'There's no point in Israel conducting negotiations with a nation that elected a terrorist organization as its leader.'

There is full international consensus that the elections held in the Palestinian Authority were truly democratic and that Hamas was legally elected."

There is full international consensus that Hamas is a terrorist organization. And there is no reason on earth for any society that seeks legitimate peace to deal with the genocidal maniacs who make up the membership of Hamas.

Now you know why he is called Desert Schmuck.
Is Umakahil out of control? Is her antisemitism driving her crazy?

Here, Umkahil believes that Islamic fascist women going to protect their trerrorist lovers deserve a warning from the Israelis after they heed the call from their Hate Mongering Mufti to be human shields, allowing mass murderers to escape justice.

Go Figure.

There Was No Warning
Watch the video without the obscene spin of ignorant journalists. First the Jewish supremacists of the IOF called them whores, then they started shooting. There was no warning. Their men weren't "holed up" as western media derisively natters. They weren't? They were lounging?

Here is the video. It actually shows nothing of what Umkahlil whines about.