Friday, December 15, 2006

Umakill accidentally posted this on her site.
Does she realize what she has done?

The magic words "We recognise you" could end all this suffering, so why not utter them? Is Hamas so filled with hatred and loathing for Israel as a Jewish state that it cannot make such a simple statement of good intent? Is the Palestinians' recalcitrance not proof that they still want to drive the Jews into the sea?

The answer is obvious. The answer is YES. The Palestinian people democratically said YES. And the world collectively said "Now live with your decision. Do not expect us to reward you for it. And the Palestinians cried "Doesn't democracy mean that whatever we want is good if we collectively say so?". And the world replied, "no".

Monday, December 11, 2006

Is Desert Schmuck an Antisemite? Or just a dumb schmuck?
DesertPeace: "'ANTI SEMITISM.....ANTI SEMITISM.....' The 'cries of wolf' get louder and LOUDER..... but no one is listening.
Abraham Foxman of the ADL would be wise to learn a new song... the one he 'sings' constantly is quite boring.
All this is about a new statement by Jimmy Carter... a statement saying ' that Israeli policy in the West Bank even worse instances of apartheid than once held sway in South Africa.'"

But what did Abe actually say?

The book has sparked strong criticism from Jewish figures in the United States. Abraham H. Foxman,
national director of the Anti-Defamation League, has said that some comments from the former president border on anti-Semitism.

"When you think about the charge that he has made that the Jewish people control the means of communication, it is odious," Foxman was quoted as saying last week. "If the Jews controlled the media, how come he is traveling around the country speaking about this book on talk shows?"

Basically he showed the Carter, failure as a president, is also a failure at telling the truth.

Is that what Desert Schmuck is so upset about?