Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Joe Kane pegs "Crazy Mary" for the nutter she is:

Against my better judgement I had a quick shuftie at Rizzo's antisemitic sewer of a blog.

She has posted an article about her email to that Palestinian chap in which Tony Greenstein is quoted as allegedly saying that, without zionism, there would be no Palestinians. Unfortunately, Mary is more interested in her own fragile crazy state of mind than in posting articles that reflect up-to-date scholarship on important issues to do with Palestine and Palestinians.

In fact, its a mere truism to say that zionism has affected the Levant and Palestinian People in particular.

Crazy Mary, of course, is trying to cover up her complete and total lack of knowledge - now that she has made a complete and utter public spectacle and fool of herself (what's new?). In a campaign devoted to such universal ideals as truth, justice, and peace for all - Mary carries on and continues her poisonious antisemitic factionalist campaign in order to weaken the solidarity movement.In a solidarity movement based on truth, Mary refuses to stand corrected. This is how much importance she places on her own outstanding personality rather than on unimportant stuff such as 'truth'.

I wonder why Mary hasn't posted a link to this comment thread?It would be highly illuminating for all those people who have signed her petition to find out just how much of an outstanding personality she actually has, and its importance in the scheme of things.