Saturday, November 25, 2006

Palestinian terrorist transport vehicles

Myth and Fact

By Mitchell G. Bard


"Israel prevents Palestinian ambulances from taking sick and injured Palestinians to hospitals."


One of the unfortunate results of the violence during the "al-Aksa intifada" has been the allegations of Israeli abuse against Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances. Various human rights groups, and politicians throughout the Arab world, have accused Israel of gratuitously delaying ambulances attempting to cross from the West Bank into Israel proper, resulting in inconveniences, medical complications, and even death to the sick passengers on board. These accounts tend to portray the delays as wanton acts of cruelty on the part of Israeli soldiers against Palestinians in need of medical attention.

These allegations are correct in one regard: ambulances are indeed stopped and searched at Israeli checkpoints. They fail, however, to put the facts into a broader context. The reason that ambulances have been held and searched at checkpoints is due to the very real threat that they pose to Israel and its citizens. Ambulances have frequently been used as a means to transport terrorist bombs, and many of the militants who have triggered suicide bombings in Israel gained access by driving or riding in Red Crescent ambulances.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Rachel Corrie died for her sins!

Bulldozed by Naiveté
Terror advocate dies in accident. Atrocious drama ensues.

Saturday, October 21, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT

NEW YORK--Politics makes artists stupid. Take "My Name Is Rachel Corrie," the one-woman play cobbled together from the diaries, emails and miscellaneous scribblings of the 23-year-old left-wing activist who was run over by an Israeli Army bulldozer in 2003 while protesting the demolition of a Palestinian house in the Gaza Strip. Co-written and directed by Alan Rickman, one of England's best actors, "Rachel Corrie" just opened off-Broadway after a successful London run. It's an ill-crafted piece of goopy give-peace-a-chance agitprop--yet it's being performed to cheers and tears before admiring crowds of theater-savvy New Yorkers who, like Mr. Rickman himself, ought to know better.

So why don't they? Because Palestine is the new Cuba, a political cause whose invocation has the effect of instantaneously anesthetizing the upper brain functions of those who believe in it. Take Mr. Rickman, who evidently intended "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" to be a pro-Palestinian equivalent of "The Diary of Anne Frank." Alas, wishful thinking is not the stuff of exciting theater. The script is disjointed to the point of incoherence, the staging crude and blatant, while Megan Dodds's performance as Rachel Corrie is frankly cartoonish.

Part of Ms. Dodds's problem, however, is that the real-life character she is portraying was unattractive in the extreme, albeit pathetically so. Whimsical, humorless and--above all--immature, Corrie burbles on about her feelings ("The salmon talked me into a lifestyle change") without ever troubling to test them against reality. When she finally does so by thrusting herself into the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian blood feud, she sees only what she passionately longs to see: "The vast majority of Palestinians right now, as far as I can tell, are engaging in Gandhian nonviolent resistance."

In an act of unintended self-revelation, "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" ends with a film clip of the 10-year-old Corrie prattling away like a baby robot at her elementary school's Fifth Grade Press Conference on World Hunger: "My dream is to give the poor a chance. . . . My dream can and will come true if we all look into the future and see the light that shines there." She grew older but no wiser, and in the end died a martyr to her own naiveté.

Needless to say, political drama has an impeccable theatrical pedigree. Only last week New York playgoers were treated to the Roundabout Theatre's revival of "Heartbreak House," the 1919 play in which George Bernard Shaw sought to show on stage how the European leisure class plunged that continent into a world war by heedlessly immersing itself in the pursuit of pleasure. But Shaw was a great (if erratic) writer who dramatized his ideas instead of merely asserting them. "My Name Is Rachel Corrie," by contrast, is a scrappy, one-sided monologue consisting of nothing but the fugitive observations of a young woman who, like so many idealists, treated her emotions as facts. "I am disappointed," she declares, "that this is the base reality of our world and that we, in fact, participate in it. This is not at all what I asked for when I came into this world." To mistake such jejune disillusion for profundity and turn it into the climax of a full-length play is an act of piety, not artistry.
The cancellation of last season's New York Theatre Workshop production of "My Name Is Rachel Corrie" triggered a noisy row in the New York theater community, many of whose members jumped to the not-unreasonable conclusion that the producers were cravenly bowing to backstage pressure from donors who found the play's politics obnoxious. As a result, the belated opening of "Rachel Corrie" at the Minetta Lane Theatre has had the predictable result of bringing it far more attention than it would otherwise have received.

That's the only lesson to be drawn from this exercise in theatrical ineptitude. It is by far the worst political play I've covered in this space, not excluding Tim Robbins's "Embedded," and no amount of earnest hand-wringing can make it anything but dull.

Mr. Teachout is The Wall Street Journal's theater critic.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Latour, a racist supporter of Islamic Fascism has been forced to moderate his blog, thus slowing the communiciations between antisemites. Sucks being him.
Hockey, donuts, beer and socialism: "Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Don't piss on my blog!
I would like to apologize to my readers for the inconvenience of having to enable comment moderation."
Hockey, donuts, beer and socialism

latour said...
Ibrahamav, never comment on this blog again.

Last warning.

8:16 PM

DesertPeace (better known as desert schmuck) said...
LOL.... looks like our resident zioturd maggot has found a new playroom...

His poison polutes the Web.

1:48 AM

Ibrahamav said...
You're warning me? You think I care about the warning of a racist scumbag who supports the antisemitic Arabs in their quest for a new holocaust because the thought of a Jew ruling one inch of formerly Islamic land makes them comit suicide?

You are a lunatic. A racist lunatic. Just like your friend Desert Schmuck.

Be prepared to moderate your blog as you obviously fear the truth.

That will slow communications between supporters of Islamic fascism.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Desert Schmuck fails another math test.DesertPeace: "It has become obvious over the past 60 years that an integral part of zionism is the systematic elimination of the Palestinian people."

Over the past 60 years, the 'palestinian' people have increased from 2 million to 10 million. Exactly how does the 5 fold increase equate to systematic elimination? Only in the insane world of Desert schmuck.
Desert Schmuck declares that he is an idiot! DesertPeace: "Many Jews think that the words of a Rabbi should be taken as 'Gospel'"

Gospel - the written body of teachings of a religious group that are generally accepted by that group.

As such, why shouldn't a real Jew, unlike desert schmuck, consider the religious words of a Rabbi to come from the written body of teachings of Judaism?
Why does Karin, the Bavarian Nazi, need to lie?"MUNICH - AND A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING": "The indigenous people of Palestine are facing extermination by the hands of the Jewish State, and the world keeps silent."

The people of 'Palestine' have increased from 2 million to 10 million since the recreation of the State of Israel. How is this equated to extermination? Is the world silent or is it laughing its ass off at the rantings of Nazis who are siding with Islamofascists solely because they are the enemies of the Jews?

And why does Karin need to lie?
Racist Palestinian Petition

How can anyone sign and support this racist piece of trash?

Here are some of the comments of the 274 racist signatories:
149. Tom Philips It is not Palestinians but JEWS who should be hunted down, beaten and killed. We must crush and kil these racist vermin wherever they infiltrate and occupy. Save Humanity: KILL ALL JEWS!!!!!!!!!!

114. peter kirsch We must prevent another genocide by the jews. They committed the first recorded genocide (see the books of Joshua, exodus, numbers, deuteronomy) and we must stop them doing it again.

106. Hiyam Noir The Zionist Canser Will Die Out - Palestine Will be Free

95. john uk the abomination that is the genocidal nexus of US support with Zionist concentration camp and extermination of vermin regime.

88. Elias Davidsson The very existence of a Jewish State is a threat to the peace

79. Patrick McNally Show me or draw me a gas chamber!

70. Arab Abdel-Hadi Am flabbergasted to know that there are Palestinians sabotaging the Palestinian & Palestinians' cause.. I'm sure that these perpetrators are "President?" Abbas gang, the Zio-Americans' faithful friends. Shame on them!!

Noted antisemites such as Desert Schmuck, Mary Rizzo, and Karin have also endored this racist screed.

But it is heartening to realize that even though this petition has been on the Internet for some time, less than 300 racists, islamo-fascists, neo-nazis, and assorted other antisemites have signed it. That means that the truth is known by the majority of the people and the International community.