Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why did Mary Rizzo hire Nimer Sultany, an Israeli Arab, to pen this Clap-Trap?

Nimor starts off with an invented quote to preface his own bigotry. To wit:
As the native sons and daughters of Palestine, the Palestinian citizens in Israel are always amused by the arguments: "If you do not like your inferior status - you can leave; if you define yourself as a Palestinian and sympathise with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and self-determination - you can join your brothers and sisters in Palestine."

Of course, this is not the sentiment of the typical Israeli, but Mary Rizzo doesn't want you to know that! And since the Israelis are not making that argment, there is no need to counter it.

But it is note worthy to witness Mary and Nimor's bigotry and racism when they disparge immigrants who accept the culture of the country that welcomed them to the degree that they have become national leaders. To wit:

First, immigrants - including recent immigrants like cabinet minister Avigdor Lieberman - or descendents of immigrants are asking the indigenous population to leave their own homeland.

Aside from the racism exhibited by Mary and Nimor, they also falsely generalize by stating that the Arab now living in Israel are indigenous. It has been well proven that many Arabs and non-arab muslims moved to the area known as Israel in the 1900's because of the beter economy created by the Jews. Of course, Mary and Nimor consider Yemenites born a thousand miles away to be indigenous to Israel. After all, Arafat, an Arab born, raised, and educated in Egypt, considered himself to be indigenous to Israel.

Second, through designing state policies, institutionalised discrimination, and a popular culture of hate, they are making the lives of the natives unbearable in the hope they will be "encouraged" to leave.

Another big lie. The 'popular culture of hate' is an Arab concoction that is spread in the home, mosque, school, and street. It has been well proven that the lives of the Israeli Arabs are far better then Arabs anywhere in the bordering countries. Only an idiot would consider leaving Israel to live in any bordering Arab Islamic nation.

Fortunately, Nimor's third argument is such convoluted nonsense that there is no need to refute it. Even the most ignorant of readers would recognize it as unadulterated bullshit.

But wait! There is a fourth argument. To wit:

Fourth, another irony is the fact that Israeli policies themselves are preventing the emergence of a Palestinian state. Notice the Palestinian government in Gaza? Who prevented Gaza from becoming a peaceful start of a nation? By refusing to withdraw from the occupied land, But we did. And how did you react? destroying the Palestinian authority in the recent intifada You started a bloody uprising because you didn't get 100% of your demands and you were put down. Your violence is your fault. You want to live by the sword, then be prepared to die by the sword., building more and more colonies and expanding Greater Jerusalem, It used to be Greater Israel. Nice to see you scaled down the lie. building a separation wall inside the West Bank As allowed by meaningful UN Resolutions which state that nations are allowed to defend their citizens , refusing to engage in any meaningful negotiations in more than six years Negotiate with who? There was no palestinian able and willing to make a deal for more than 6 years. We thought Arafat could but he proved that he couldn't. , rejecting and boycotting the democratically elected Palestinian officials (whether Arafat or Hamas government) Nobody recognizes a government whose unifying message is Genocide., destroying the Palestinian economy There was no Palestinian economy, it was an offshoot of the Israeli economy.(as a report by the World Bank has just indicated), and cutting the territories into isolated Bantustans - Israel is making a Palestinian state look like a remote dream. The Palestinians have always made a Palestinian state look like a remote dream. Don't blame us for your failures.

Of course, Nimor and Mary make one last ditch effort to salvage their failed discourse:
Of course, the knee-jerk reaction to this last argument by Israeli apologists is: "Israel will withdraw when Palestinian violence ends." This argument does not take into account that the original sin is the occupation itself and that resistance is a natural historical outcome.

Sorry clowns, the 'original sin' was the 5 nation Arab army attack on Israel in 1948 compounded by those same nations forcing the Palestinians to live in fettered refugee camps. The sin of your brother is not a lien on our lives or our country.

It does not as well answer the question why Israel did not withdraw from the Golan Heights.For four decades, the Syrian-Israeli ceasefire line has been among the most quiet in the world and yet there is no intention to withdraw on Israel's part; on the contrary - its colonies are flourishing. Don't be confusing the Syrians who stayed in Syria with the Syrians who moved to israel and now claim to be indigenous. Israel has no intention of leaving without a 100% guarantee concerning water rights.

In the last year we saw how Israel turns its back to a Syrian invitation for negotiations.
Syria did not want to negotiate. It wanted the Golan back before they would start talking. Soory, but you don't get without giving more then lip service.

Nimor and Mary make some closing nonsense statements that are not worth refuting except this one:

Two-thirds of the Jewish majority in recent years expressed its demand from the government to "encourage" the Palestinian citizens to emigrate. And one-third of the Jewish Israelis support the expulsion of Palestinian citizens.

Given the fact that over 60% of the Palestinian people support genocide, I'm surprised that more Israeli citizens have not expressed those opinions.

You would think mary and Nimor would be done, but they are not! They have to throw in one more lie:

That's why Benny Morris lamented (including in the Guardian) the fact that Ben-Gurion did not complete his project of expulsion of the natives in 1948.

Of course, no such project was ever planned nor attempted to be implimented. But antisemites can't be bothered with facts. They only get in the way of their sly arguments.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Why Does Mary Rizzo Fear This Blog?
Why does the truth upset her so?

From her antisemitic blog:
and besides, it looks as though the complaint to Blogger and Haloscan by people about your site has caused some default mechanism to take place. You are plugging Umka's blog whether you want to or not! ahahaha! the joke is on you, asshole.thecutter Homepage 05.21.07 - 10:46 am #

It seems that Mary is changing the url for my postings on her site to redirect those who wish to see the truth to her truly evil compatriot. Just like the Islamic fascists she supports, Mary wishes the truth to go away.

I wonder why?