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Senior Fatah Leaders Describe Arafat's Link to Terrorism
(Communicated by Israeli Security Sources)
May 2, 2002

It has become unequivocally clear from the questioning of senior Fatah figures now in Israeli custody (Marwan Barghouti, Nasser Aweis, Nasser Abu Hamid and Ahmed Barghouti) that Yasser Arafat personally approved funding for Fatah operatives, with the knowledge that it would be used to finance terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. In addition, it was revealed that explosive charges used by the terrorists were supplied from the Palestinian Authority's own weapons depots.

During the course Operation Defensive Shield, numerous high-ranking West Bank operatives of Arafat's own Fatah organization were apprehended. Their questioning has revealed a clear picture of the direct link between PA Chairman Yasser Arafat and the terrorist attacks carried out by Fatah members. It has become apparent that Marwan Barghouti, who maintained direct communications with Arafat, transferred money to Fatah operatives, who then used the money to carry out terrorist attacks targeting Israeli civilians. In these operations, numerous civilians were killed. These disclosures render absurd the public and international debate over whether Arafat is 'doing everything possible to prevent terrorism'. These revelations plainly demonstrate that Arafat did indeed do 'everything possible' - but in the realm of 'terrorism promotion' rather than 'terrorism prevention', especially within his own Fatah organization.

1. Marwan Barghouti, the head of the Fatah in the West Bank, stated when questioned that he was personally involved in directing terrorist attacks which resulted in the killing and injuring of scores of Israeli civilians. Barghouti described in detail the transfer of funds to the terrorist operatives. As the Secretary-General of the Fatah, Barghouti was responsible for providing the funding for weapons acquisition and armed operations. Every operative requiring financing was made to fill out a detailed requisition request. Barghouti then added his recommendation and signature, and relayed the requests to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat. Barghouti stressed that every expense - even the smallest sum - required the approval of Arafat himself. After receiving Arafat's approval, the funding was transferred to the operatives according to the instructions of Hakem Bil'awi, the Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, who was responsible for disbursements.

In addition to Barghouti, other senior Fatah figures, who were subordinate to Barghouti, provided details about Arafat's role in the execution of terrorist attacks.

2. Nasser Aweis, the head of the Fatah infrastructure in Samaria, was responsible for the recruiting, arming and handling of terrorist cells. He stated in questioning that he personally, together with other Tanzim terrorist operatives under his command, received funding directly approved by Yasser Arafat. He explained that the names of the Tanzim terrorist operatives were sent to Marwan Barghouti, who would then present their requests for funding to Arafat for his signature. The operatives would subsequently receive checks corresponding to the approved sum.

Nasser Aweis admitted to having been behind numerous terrorist bombings and shootings in Israel, among them:

17 January 2002 - A bombing attack at a banquet hall in Hadera, in which 6 Israelis were killed and 26 wounded.
22 January 2002 - A shooting attack in downtown Jerusalem, in which two Israelis were killed and 36 wounded.
25 February 2002 - A shooting attack in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, in which an Israeli policewoman was killed, and 10 civilians wounded.
5 March 2002 - A shooting attack on the 'Seafood Market' restaurant in Tel Aviv, in which three Israelis were killed.
9 March 2002 - A gun and grenade attack in the Margoa Hotel in Netanya, in which two Israelis were killed and 50 wounded.
3. Nasser Abu Hamid, one of the commanders and founders of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, was responsible for numerous shooting attacks, explosive charges and suicide bombings. He revealed during questioning that he and his men received funding and weapons from Marwan Barghouti, through Marwan's aide, Ahmed Barghouti. Abu Hamid stated that Marwan Barghouti was informed of the details of every operation carried out by himself and his men. Marwan Barghouti was also involved in the decision regarding the procurement of weapons for the terrorist cells, and even provided the payment approval for these weapons.

Abu Hamid and his men were responsible for the following terrorist attacks:

24 November 2000 - A shooting attack near Akrabeh, in which an Israeli civilian was killed.
21 December 2000 - A shooting attack on Route 443, in which an Israeli civilian was killed
31 December 2000 - A shooting attack near Ofrah, in which the Kahane couple was killed and their five children wounded.
19 May 2001 - The planting of an explosive device in the Biancini Pub in Jerusalem
27 January 2002 - The suicide attack on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem, in which one Israeli was killed and dozens wounded.
27 February 2002 - The murder of the owner of the Bashkevitz factory in Atarot, Jerusalem, and the premature detonation of suicide bomb near the Maccabim roadblock in which the female terrorist was killed.
During questioning, Abu Hamid also revealed the involvement of Force 17, Arafat's Presidential Guard, in the execution of terrorist attacks. Abu Hamid stated that his men would receive the explosive devices needed for their terrorist operations from the Force 17 weapons depots. Similarly, terrorist operatives subordinate to Abu Hamid also described Force 17's complicity in attacks. They stated that Force 17 members would regularly assemble explosive devices, which they then provided to Fatah operatives to use in their terrorist operations.

4. Ahmed Barghouti, the personal aide to Marwan Barghouti, personally dispatched suicide bombers to their terrorist missions, in which dozens of Israeli civilians were killed and hundreds wounded. When questioned he provided details about the numerous attacks in which he was involved, including:

25 January 2001 - A shooting attack against an Israeli van near the Atarot industrial park in Jerusalem, in which one Israeli was killed.
25 February 2001 - A shooting attack against an Israeli vehicle, west of Bir Zeit, in which an Israeli was critically wounded in the head.
25 August 2001 - A drive-by shooting near the Bet Horon service station, in which three Israelis were killed and two infants wounded.
3 October 2001 - A drive-by shooting on Route 9 in Jerusalem, in which two Israelis were wounded
15 January 2002 - A shooting attack against an Israeli vehicle near the Givat Zeev service station, north of Jerusalem, in which the driver was killed and her companion wounded.
Another Umkahlil lie backed by a nazi's (joe90) math
IOF Shoots Another Child, Son, Brother, Friend
The Purity of Violence -

From your previous article Umkalil -

" In Israel, they shoot kids with impunity. Upwards of seven hundred Palestinian kids have been murdered by the "purity of arms" Israeli occupation forces since end of September 2000. Al-Jazeera reports that according to Palestine Red Crescent Society figures, 682 Palestinian children under the age of 18 have died during the second intifada (uprising) between 29 September 2000 and 29 September 2005. Of those, 158 were under 12-years old."

According to my arithmetic, that is nearly two children murdered a day, every day for 5 years, by the SS-IOF -(over 11 children per week if you prefer)

And overall, 200 casualties per week (nearly 70 casualties a day, every day) caused by SS-IOF violence, over the last 5 years.

Naturally, these figures do not included IOF induced abortions and the deaths of pregnant mothers caused by illegal Israeli checkpoints, barricades, blockades, illegal walls etc - or death and injury, disease, stunted mental and bodily development etc etc all caused by the deliberate and systematic vandalism carried out by the Israeli Neo-Nazi Authorities on their defenceless occupied Palestinian Untermensch.
joe90 | Homepage | 11.09.05 - 5:10 pm | #


2 children a day for 5 years makes 3500 children. That may well be the number that Palestinian terrorists have attempted to kill but have been thwarted by the IDF.

And there are no acttual cases of children murdered by the IDF, while there are several cases of Palestinians deliberately murdering Jewish children.

You'll recall the palestinians who murdered the 4 little girls at point blank range? Did they kill their mother before or after to maximize the suffering.

Sharpen up your math skills Joe. Or didn't you take simple math in Nazi High?
Ibraham Av

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Why does Umkahlil lie so much?
Isn't the truth good enough for her?

umkahlil: "If you haven't read Chris Hedges' story in Harpers Magazine about the IOF's penchant for killing little boys read here.

# posted by umkahlil @ 12:28 AM "

The October edition of Harper's Magazine features "A Gaza Diary," where reporter Chris Hedges accuses Israeli soldiers of deliberately goading Palestinian children and murdering them for sport.

The Harper's piece is not available online, but Hedges repeated his accusations on National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" show (October 30). The audio file is online at: To hear the Gaza segment, set the sliding button on your media player to start at 20 minutes.

As a flood of complaints hit NPR over the broadcast of a lopsided interview with Chris Hedges ("Gaza Diary"), Jeffrey Dvorkin, the NPR ombudsman ( responded with curt arrogance:

"If you have a problem with Hedges' reporting you might want to contact the NY Times where he is employed and Harper's Magazine which published his article on Gaza."

Does NPR seriously believe it can obviate responsibility for what it broadcasts?

Meanwhile, Danny Miller (, executive producer of the Hedges radio segment, was far more responsive:

"We should have asked some clarifying followups, exploring this story from the Israeli side: asking why the Israeli government feels it needs to be in the West Bank, and to try to understand the perspective of an Israeli soldier on the front lines."

Apparently all this scrutiny is causing Hedges to back off. Miller reports Hedges as saying:

"I do not think the Israeli army usually or even often baits kids... So I did not want to imply that this was typical, at least from my experience."

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Jeff Halper - Noted Antisemite publishes incredible truths!!!
No Kidding, this is off a Halper email for an organization that promotes rebuilding the homes of Arab terrorists


Billions of people believe that Jerusalem's spiritual and historical importance endows it with a special authority to become a center of world's unity.

Israel's unique geographic and historic position at the crossroads of civilizations enables it to reconcile their conflicts. Israel's unique spiritual experience enables it to find a golden mean between the fault lines dividing civilizations: between tradition and modernity, religion and science, authority and democracy.

We call upon all nations to choose Jerusalem, the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel, as a center for this evolving new unity. We believe that one of the objectives of Israel's divinely-inspired rebirth is to make it the center of the new unity of the nations, which will lead to an era of peace and prosperity, foretold by the Prophets.

Most Islamic countries, regrettably, have sworn to destroy Israel. We call on the countries of the Free World to realize the following: if the people of Israel can live in peace in their Promised Land, peace will have a chance to reign in the whole world. If radical Islam succeeds in destroying Israel, there will never be peace, and Western civilization will fall to Jihad as well.

For the sake of the entire world and therein, the land of Israel must belong to the people of Israel.

The front line in the war we are fighting rests in the birthplace of Judeo-Christian civilization. The stakes are high: if Israel and Jerusalem are fortified, they will become the center where mankind will gather to usher in an era of peace and prosperity. But the West's failure to save them may well spell doom for civilization itself.

Just as in the past the Free World stood together against Fascism and Communism, so it today must do to combat the third challenge: radical Islam. We prevailed then, and we shall prevail now. United around Jerusalem and armed with our eternal values, we cannot fail.


Supporting the creation of a PLO state in Judea and Samaria is a historical injustice of colossal proportion.

A tiny democracy is urged to concede the only thing it lacks - territory - to totalitarian regimes in exchange for the promises of the only thing they cannot provide - peace.

In pressuring to attain this suicidal arrangement, the "free world" betrays the very principles on which it is based. Anti-Israel and anti-Zionist attitudes, which disguise primordial anti-Semitism, constitute one area where hypocrisy in international politics is most visible.

The genesis of a totalitarian PLO state would represent an act of surrender to radical Islam's false rhetoric and a capitulation to terror.

The totalitarian PLO state would become a safe haven for international terrorism, a new Taliban-esque refuge, replete with plots to destroy both Israel and the West. Thus the future generations of the Free World will pay in blood for their fathers' moral blindness.

We call on the government of Israel to provide moral leadership to the world in the struggle against terror:

Cease negotiating with terrorists and proffering mass releases of captured murderers.

Eliminate the terror-sponsoring capabilities of the Palestinian Authority.

Liberate Arabs residing in Judea, Samaria and Gaza from the Jihad propaganda machine, which has turned them into a morally depraved people who worship murder and terror.

Promote a viable humanistic alternative for just and secure peace instead of creating a terrorist PLO state.

We call on all free nations to:

Unite in order to remove from power despotic Islamic regimes and re-educate an entire generation of Muslim children to embrace the democratic traditions of normative Islam.

Recognize the PLO/ PA as the terrorist organization which it is.

Cease forcing Israel to negotiate with terrorists.

Encourage Israel to establish full sovereignty throughout the land of Israel.

We must reject moral relativism and confront creeping "anti-Zionism" on Western campuses.
Umakahlil is pissed off at sonic booms
Big Deal
November 4, 2005 by Ricki Hollander

BBC Website's One-Sided Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On the evening of November 2, 2005, five Israelis were injured in a mortar attack on the community of Netiv Ha’asarah by Palestinian terrorists firing from Gaza. The shells also struck a high-tension electrical line, cutting off power to the surrounding area; hit a car, showering a pedestrian with shrapnel; and damaged a house in the community.

That same day, Qassam rockets fired from Gaza landed in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai; a 55-pound bomb was neutralized by army sappers after being discovered near the Karni crossing in northern Gaza; and an Israeli woman was stabbed by a Palestinian attacker in Jerusalem.

Readers of BBC’s Web site, however, found nothing there about the terrorism targeting Israeli men, women and children with Palestinian mortars, rockets, bombs, or knives. There was no mention at all of the attacks on

Instead readers of the British news agency's Web site learned about the "widespread fear" among Palestinian children caused by the sonic booms of Israeli airplanes and read about allegations by medics that the noise "induces miscarriages." On November 3, the most prominently featured article on the Middle East page of BBC's Web site was "Medics condemn Gaza sonic booms" which quoted critics of Israel condemning military jet noise over Gaza. The article discussed at length their petition to Israel's Supreme Court claiming that "according to international law, the booms are collective punishment against the civilian population and thus illegal."

The BBC has for years displayed a bias in its news judgement, presenting stories which cast Israelis as aggressors responsible for Palestinian suffering rather than as victims of Palestinian violence. While the BBC article one-sidedly discusses the alleged threat to Palestinian women and children in Gaza by Israeli noise, it never once refers to the Israeli women and children who are daily threatened with death by Palestinian mortar and rocket attacks.

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Umkahlil's comment's before she censors them

I knew it wouldn't take long... read the Talkbacks where some say, "he never should have been raised in a culture of violence". "The parents have donated his organs to Israelis as a PR movej", etc.

I certainly never would have had the desire to donate my child's organs to the Israelis. And, I didn't have Israelis kill my child. I still can't understand the enormous act of humanity that this family is doing after such an outrageous tragedy. I can't understand it, but I am almost in tears trying to. God bless them and God bless and protect the children and adults of Palestine.
thecutter | Homepage | 11.06.05 - 4:51 pm | #


Seems Mary can't release her racism. Too bad. She can't understand the humanity because she is divorced from humanity.

Tell me Nancy, how did they transplant a heart that was shot through?

Funny how Mary only wants God to protect Palestinians. What a god-awful racist. Hope Allah doesn't hear about it.

By the way Nancy, when are you going to apologize for publishing posts without fact checking first?
Ibraham Av | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 10:48 am | #


What the hell difference does it make? He was shot with the intention on the part of the soldier to kill. This from Juliano Mer Khamis, whose mother is Jewish and whose father is Palestinian. Julio visited the lad in the hospital.

The first IDF bullet hit his hip. The second IDF bullet hit his head. It, certainly, does not look like a mistake. The bullet was aimed to kill Ahmad.

Read more, Ibraham, and stop your incessant Zionist nitpicking over the remains of a dead baby. Read more and find your humanity that you never had or was lost. juli...no11052005.html
Harvey Epstein | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 11:37 am | #


IbrahAm, How in the world is it racist to say that I would never, ever have the depth of character that the family of this child demonstrated by actually donating their child to five Israeli people, when it was not that the child died in an accident, but was killed, (probably on purpose, judging by Mer Khamis's report and others I have read) by Israelis. I imagine anyway they would have been non-observant, because having the parts of a non-Jew inside them might even be against their faith.

I also heard a bunch of crap yesterday... people were saying, "oh, when Jews die in suicide bombings they donate their organs to Palestinians". say WHAT??? If there are specialists who go through great lengths to gather every single hair or fingernail that may be around because bodily integrity is an important principle in Judaism.

I am saying this also after having spoken with a scholar in material.
thecutter | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 12:14 pm | #


What the hell difference does it make? He was shot with the intention on the part of the soldier to kill. - Harvey Epstein.

Now here is why - The soldiers thought they saw an armed man some 130 meters away, and one of them fired, hitting the suspect in the head. When the soldiers approached, they found Ahmed laying critically injured - with a toy gun. The IDF subsequently circulated photos of the gun to show how realistic it looked.

But in Harvey's antisemitic tradition, a Jew has to wait to be shot deasd before they can fire.
Ibraham Av | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 1:18 pm | #


Cutter - You are a racist but that was not the comment regarding your lack of humanity.

The child was not killed on purpose, the person who appeared from 400 feet away carrying a rifle was killed on purpose. That it turned out to be a child carrying a toy rifle makes it a tragic accident, but not a child deliberately killed. This is where your basic lack of humanity comes in.

Most Jews who die in suicide bombings are to far gone to have anything available for transplant. And transplanting organs is supported by Rabbinic law.

Your assumption regarding transplants is offensively racist. But since you are a racist, I'm sure it didn't bother you.
Ibraham Av | Homepage | 11.07.05 - 1:25 pm | #

How much must Mary lie?

The Little Boy Is Really Dead Now
As Flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods,
They kill us for their sport.

The little boy who was playing with the toy gun that he got for Eid is really dead now. The Israeli Occupation Forces shot him through his head and his heart. (Iwonder how they then transplanted his heart into some one else?)The first news stories said that he was dead but later stories reported that he was clinically dead. I have a little boy named Kahlil. The little boy who was shot was named Ahmad Ismail, younger than Kahlil, just twelve. Kahlil, my son, is fifteen, and he likes to go out with his friend on Saturdays for the BB gun wars, he calls them. Lucky for Kahlil, that he doesn't have to cross paths with Israeli occupation forces. We're relatively safe here in Germany, but I see pictures of the Palestinian kids who are snuffed out by the Israeli occupation forces, and they all look like Kahlil, my only son, dark and handsome, who is lazier than I'd like him to be, who doesn't study as hard as I'd like him to study, and who unfortunately is really into guns.

The Real Story:
By Amos Harel and Arnon Regular
November 7, 2005

The vital organs of a Palestinian boy mistakenly killed by the Israel Defense Forces last week have been transplanted into the bodies of six Israelis, after the boy's family donated his organs "for the sake of peace between peoples," Israel Radio reported.

Ahmed al-Khatib, 12, was fatally shot during clashes in Jenin last week, when IDF troops mistook the toy gun he carried for a real rifle.

Three Israeli girls, two Jewish and one Druze, underwent surgery Sunday to receive Al-Khatib's lungs, heart and liver. Twelve-year-old Samah Gadban had been waiting for a heart for five years when doctors called her family late Saturday and told them of the Al-Khatib donation. By Sunday afternoon, the Druze girl had a new heart and was recovering at Schneider Children's Medical Center in Petah Tikvah.

The soldiers thought they saw an armed man some 130 meters away, and one of them fired, hitting the suspect in the head. When the soldiers approached, they found Ahmed laying critically injured - with a toy gun. The IDF subsequently circulated photos of the gun to show how realistic it looked.