Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Did you know that Zionists tell me Tel Aviv is Arab? Actually, Mary, no one told you Tel aviv is Arab, just that there are Arabs living there? Are you so stupid that you can not comprehend a simple sentence?

Zionists ...haunt Pro-Palestinian blogs and sites, with the goal of “destroying the comments section”, “forcing moderation” and killing off any kind of civil dialogue between people with contrasting views. Not so Mary, we just want to disrupt free flow communication between islamo-fascists and their supporters.

Rudeness is one of the weapons, We are supposed to be polite to those whose fondest dream is killing our children, spouses, and parents? Surely you jest. But you always were one funny bitch.

but one can scroll down over the vulgarity and wallpaper. And we do.

Here is a comment from an antisemite on mary's blog: Judaism is not the problem as far as the world views Israel...The world is appalled by the unacceptable behaviour of the IDF and the US military...because of the targeting of CIVILIANS.Edna 04.17.07 - 6:16 pm

Yes, Edna, a typical neo-nazi disclaims hatred of judaism. She merely hates Jews.

Then, humoressly, Mary attempts to define Jihad, a well known term indicating "Holy War" The same 'struggle' advocated by her personal hero, Adolf Hitler.

I thought you were some kind of "linguist" or something, because obviously, you don't know the meaning of the word Jihad. It comes from the root Jhd which means "effort", "struggle", sometimes even "work". It is a dynamic awareness of the need to better oneself to fulfill a goal. It is not destructive, but rather constructive. Try to educate yourself before you continue to make such stupid remarks.thecutter Homepage 04.19.07 - 1:30 am

Funny how Mary's sole concern is excusing Islamic Jihad of killing Jews. Then she tries to excuse a typical card carrying nazis name Jeff Blank:
Atheo - Jeff is a friend and his listserv is an important source for me. He often passes around my articles, as does Tom at ICH. I keep Znet on, because at times it's ok... Haven't checked it in a while, though. Kim Peterson does a nice job at DV, even though he publishes people hostile to Gilad and I at times. I check it out now and then. I will look through all my links and update everything (hopefully!!! this weekend or next week sometime) Keep on sending in good links (not to articles, but to sites). I'm discovering good ones all the time!thecutter Homepage 04.19.07 - 9:08 am # *************************There were other comments between these, some of them interesting, but here we actually get a bit of libel from “Ibraham Av”*****************************Of course Jeff passes out your bullshit. He is a well known purveyor of racist nonsense. I undertand he is a dues paying member of the Austrailian Nazi Party.Ibraham Av 04.19.07 - 11:52 am # ******************************I undertand he is a dues paying member of the Austrailian Nazi Party.Ibraham Av oh yeah? substantiate that lie, Ibiot. Otherwise you will be known as Lying Little Ibbiotthecutter Homepage 04.19.07 - 12:40 pm #
Seems Mary got in a little hysterical tirade. She must be on the rag. Jeffy is a well known contributer to Peter Myers, another typical Austrailian Nazi.

******************************There are laws about calling people Nazis, Av, if they happen to NOT be Nazis, and if you aren't more careful about your choice of words, you could get into hot water with the law. It's called libel.Edna 04.19.07 - 2:19 pm #
Edna, quote the law. Of course, most antisemites are ignorant and really don't know the law.

But don't forget, the best indication that Mary and her friends are antisemites is this little blurb:

"all the countries of the world are on the Zionist payroll, Edna. They probably don't work as hard at denying it as Cuba has though. Cuba is another product."
thecutter Homepage 04.29.07 - 10:30 am #